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sunny 35 °C

well we are in our third island here in greece... and wow.... heres the scoop of probly the most intense day ever.... first we were waiting in line forever for our first ferry out of naxos to ios and stupid me i was playing with my clothes and had my ferry ticket in my mouth and it BLEW away... almost into the water but luckily laura is ahtletic and she was able to chase it down and get a foot on it before our entire day was ruined........... but wait... we get into ios and i we really didnt have too much planned so i asked the dude tthat works ehre which way to the beach, jus so we could check it out... he tells me some route in broken english and what i heard was take the donkey path on the right... what he really said was take the road beside the donkey path and follow it for 10 minutes... so i take laura down this donkey path and it was kinda cool, along the side of a mountain... and then we saw some donkeys, pretty cool... but then two rottweillers came running at us about 150 km/h... laura and i boot it, these dogs were foaming at the mouth and ready to mawl anything in sight, laura and i are running faster then ben johnson in his peak and all of a sudden i look back and laura has blown a tire, shes exhasperated... the dog was withing 5 feet from her, and laura grabs her purse to swing at this thing... it was giant hungry dog against laura, finally laura scared the shit out of the dogs with her foul mouth and punishing evil glare... we were safe... laura was kind of scared for the rest of the evening.. we bought some uzo shot it in our room, went ot the hostel bar where we did some shooters then out and about in this small town on ios... the bar scene is ridiculous, there is one every block and all they want is people to come in... free cover for luara of course, but due to me beinga male it costs me 5 euros per bar... so we didnt frequent too many... we had a good time with some aussie girls and danced it up for a few hours... all in all a crazy day where luck was definitly on our side... we leave to santorini tommroow and it looks amazing there... cliff jumping for sure... ill update soon... time is flying only 2 and half weeks left... i look forward to bein back in reggie... talk to you all soon!!! xoxoxoxo

jeremy and laura

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island hopping

sunny 36 °C

hello everyone.... well we are in the midst of our greek island tour.... the beach officially kicked our ass today and we had to bail out early at about 2 pm... i have this dirty heat rash growing on my chest, and it is super itchy.... so we thought wed hit up and internet cafe, then pop over for a pina colada..... i heard it is raining quite a bit in regina... which is a good thing for the stuccoers... tony you gotta let me know how that mlb season is going, you must be in playoffs by now..... anyways, things in greece are great, i love gyros pitas and backlava... and any weight that i ahve lost has been regained... i imagined myself coming home nice and lean, but greece has ruined that parade... i find myself eating a big meal, like last night we made a huge pot of spaghetti that we made in our kitchen which is in our room! then we walked the streets... what do i stumble upon, of course a street full of gyros stores.... danger, danger, danger!!! i dont know if was the wine and beer talking but i had to order one..... bah... well ill keep this blog entry short, and ill update at every island.... take care everyone

jeremy plump gaboury and laura quit snoring jeremy hunko

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greece 1 - gaboury + laura 0

i'm in indian outlaw

sunny 36 °C

well its our fourth day here in greece... and today, the mighty greece sun beat our asses.... i look like a ripe tomato, whenever i look in the mirror i cant help but burst into laughter... it all started when the last time at the supermarket we decided to buy tanning oil instead of sunscreen... ooops... well we all know what happens to a pizza pop when you microwave it for 5 minutes instead of 2 right.... well do you know what happens to jeremy and laura when we sit in the sun for 5 hours wearing tanning oil in plus 35 degree heat... trouble... but im hoping for a miracle and for it to turn into a tan by tommorow or im goin to be one of those guys under the umbrella reading books and not enjoying the sun....... im sure well be fine.... in other news .. greece is absolute paradise... the islands are spectacular... beaches, caves, mountains, sand.... it has everything... i suggest to everyone taht one place you ahve to visist is greece... we still have 3 islands to go, and we splurged a bit and we are staying in some party resorts.. why not.... they all come equipped with pools, a/c, tv, refrigerator.... i know a tad ritzy.... we leave tommorow for a 15 minuter hyper speed boat to naxos then so forth... we totally abused our a/c proivelege in athens, we had that thing working overtime, we had our room at a cool 16 degrees celcius most of the time... i actually had to wrap myself up good in the blankets to get some shut eye.... other than that, our days here on paros the island have included frisbee, swimming competitons, and many gyros... a gyros for those who are not into the greek culture, is a pita with tzaztiki, pork, onions, and fries.... for 1.60 its money in the bank... and its also making us feel very fat... i think were goin out for supper tonight, prolly lamb for myself, or the highly recommended seafood.... for laura, probly a salad... and a disgusted look when i eat my seafood.... all in all everything is flying by... hope everything in regina is going smoothly... take care comb your hair...
jeremy tomato gaboury and laura im not burnt but she really is hunko

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sunny 42 °C

well we have made it to napoli...home of ... a giant volcano, which blew its top off in the year 79 a.d. preserving the ruins of a small city called pompei.. which we had the pleasure of walking around today.... it was absolutely amazing, i guesss the ash of the volcano preserved this city in its original state for 1900 years until they excavated it ... pretty awesome stuff... naples has been a very worth while trip and we are off to bari tommorow to catch a ferry to patras where we will be training it to Athens to enjoy greece for a week and abit...... i have found a new favorite pasta, it is called gnochhi....wow.. we are just about to head out to find a pastissceria so i can get myself a huge plate of gnocchi... i am eating supper late today, it is 840 in the evening, but we had a very long day ... we met some crazy aussies who we partied with last night, and spent the day with today... also tagging along with us was some cool american who goes to harvard....and some super loser american, who thinks canada is full of shit... laura and i can both agree that this guy was the biggest prick ever.... but the day was awesome, i seriously think the volcano makes this city hotter... because it is so friggin hot out.... last night we played drinking games until the early hours then set out on a search for kebabs which are basically super pitas, greasy, yummy food... but we failed... we keep hearing greece is super cheap and is tons of fun, so we are both super excited... the ferry ride is 16 hours, and we only have deck seats...so its gonna be rough... but the ferry has a casino, theatre, bar, pool and all that so hopefully it makes the time fly by.... ill update this blog in greece...we wish everybody the best and hope everybody is enjoying their summer.... take care

jeremy and laura

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roma roma roma

when in rome.....

sunny 40 °C

hello all my loyal readers... (mom and dad....and lindsey)..ha...anyway, i find myself in an internet cafe just outside of the prima porta train station on my way to our campsite which is 1 mile north of here... there are some dark guys talkin in the phone booths yelling their faces of on the phone.. quite possibly a drug deal gone wrong, or maybe they are getting shit for selling fake louis vitton stuff, as well as dolce and gabbana....... anyways the campsite is unreal, for 11 euros we get free access to a pool, live entertainment every night, and a toga party every night... pretty awesome... except we sleep in a barn.... not so awesome.. at least it cools off at night...... can you believe that it was plus 40 today in roma... and right now as i speak at 9 oclock in the envening it is plus 33 and laura and i jus finished walking rome.... we saw the great vatican city first of all, it was awesome.. we went on a tour for 20 euros, we thought that this would be one place where it would be worth it to get a guide, and it worked out well... no lines , the british guide called them cues... i always thought of playing pool, because isnt that a cue????? hmm... st peters basillica was astounding, unfortunately laura got shut down at the door because her shorts were jus a little too short.... who wears short shorts... luara wears short shorts... ha.. we both got into the sistene chapel to see micheleangelos work, it was top notch stuff..... i always thought he laid on his bakc while he painted but turns out he stood with his neck bent up the entire time... 4 years to be exact.... 4 years of standing looking at a giant ceiling... tuff one.... but it was cool, i sure got a good history lesson today at the vatican city... then we strolled off to the colliseum and the roman ruins... its crazy to imagine this place 500 years ago.... pretty fascinating stuff.... as for tonight i am most likely to tie one on, buckets of beers are on sale at our resort .. .i mean campsite which feels liek a resort.... then lay beside the pool till 4 ish then we are off to tonys uncles restaurant for supper then to some fountain and gelato.... i wish you all could be here, cause it would rock... laura and i are having a blast, she is a barrel a laughs, and we both love this travelling gig.... almost 3 weeks done already.. wow..... i miss sports highlights, and hdtv... thats all for now.... we leave to naples on sunday, the place where they invented pizza, and som eof the best seafood in europe... cant wait..... then we off to greece!! which we are both very excited.... the food here in italy is definetly a step up from our shitty ass food in spain.... today i had lasagna for 5 euros... the bad news is the service fee 15% which is included plus a drink 3 euros... so it makes it sound like your getting a deal but you aint... your payin 10 euros no matter what... bullshit!!! ok... thanks for reading and ill update in naples...... hope your enjoying the weather in saskatchewan and at the lake!

jeremy and laura

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