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trainin it in spain

woop woop

sunny 35 °C

laura and i arrived in spain this morning... i was actually quite worried about the train, since i was reading scary train stories on the internet the day before... (stupid thing to do) so i was expecting raunchy people.. but i was quite surprised.. in spain men have to room with men and vice versa.... i roomed with a hollywood movie writer who really seemed like a big shot, he had tons of good stories and was fluent in english and spanish... he was definetly the head honncho of our train... secondly was a dude from liverpool who hit it big selling houses at a time wehn property rates were sky rocketing... he now resides in new zealand.. he was pretty cool except when he kept mentionning that i should sleep with one eye open... but he was joking, hopefully.... the third guy in our cabin was some french dude who was a little of his rocker, he was listening to the big soccer game on his walkman and he would do color commentary for us .. except he would yell... it was bloody hilarious... i almost pissed myself laughing.. then he kept chanting vive la francia.. and wanted to paint his face... all in all... FRANCE IS GOING TO WIN THE WORLD CUP!!!! laura on the other hand had to spend the night with two greasy stinky girls from denmark and she was lucky to havea girl from texas who she really got along with, and taught us some key phrases.... so spain is a little different mainly because i cant talk to anybody.... its gonna be a bit of a struggle but wahtever... its been a good time.... were staying at a hostel tonighta nd sharing a room with some canadianas so that should be good... laura is also having a tuff time finding good food... right now she is sitting at a pitiful 0 for 7 in finding food she likes... the worst had to be the vegetable slop of a sandwich at a restaurant here in madrid... it was so gross.. haha... hopefully she will find something she likes... but anyway ill write in a few days and let you know how spain is ending up!!!! lata skatas!
jeremy and laura

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IN Paris


sunny 32 °C

well we have made it to Paris safe and sound.... things have been action packed ... eiffel tower, the louvre, montmartre tonight, arc de triomphe... all in one day .. i have officially mastered the metro system here in town...... we are travelling gurus..... and i swear i have lost 10 pounds already... plus 32 and sweltering heat... it looks like i just finished 18 holes of golf wearing black leather.... man o man.... hopefully it cools down in spain... probly not... we have a train booked for tomorrow and a hostel booked out... we arrive in spain thursday morning and i will let everyone know how that is goin.....i checked the weather and it is plus 35 in madrid... SCARY sorry this blog was quick thats because i wasted all my internet time reading sports news... sorry... next one will include some highlights... check for it thursday...

aurevoir.. from the french speaking canadian.... JEREMY .........and i know a few words in french LAURA....

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Off to Paris tommorow

Big Flight!

sunny 28 °C

Hello All!!! I am actually just testing this site out before Laura and I leave on our wonderous and uber exciting trip!!! It shall be a blast.. I thought this site would be KEY for parents and friends to check up on us and see how we are doing... check this site often as we hopefully will be able to update every 2 days or sooo.... is that cool??? alright!!!!!!! see you all in 7 weeks!! xoxoxo

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