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fierenze, italia

sunny 35 °C

wellllll we arrived in italia last night, and we were fortunate enough to walk the city holding giant beers until the wee hours of the morning.... we met up with david (lauras brother) and mike his buddy from work... two top notch guys, which made for a fun evening.... this evening was full of hilarious moments, including me laying on teh sidewalk in uncontrollable laughter as dave was doing perfect arny shwarzenegger re inactments.... ha ... anyways, things have been goin awesome, i enjoyed some very fine italian pasta last night and have been introduced to kebabs.... basically dave and mike have been living off these things, but what they are is a giant peice of turkey and chicken that spins around and the dude cuts peices of it off as it spins... and throws into a pita... yip their good... of course i asked for extra spicy, and i was about 8 beer into the night, and it was an ugly scene....the heat seems to follow me around liek a shadow, but i am slowly getting used to it.... i really enjoy florence and the DUOMO, it is the biggest and most beautiful building in the world, i really do love it... we are off to rome tomoorrow, and we are actually staying in a huge campgroudn, with pools, supermarkets, entertainment... for 11 euros a night!!! ya its gonna be monay.... i have really enjoyed italy so far, and their obsseession with bryan adamsn and dance mix 93... it beats spain and their obsession with that one song gasolina...... times have been jus rollin along, laura is battling off an ear problem right now where she cant hear out of an ear, this is after she jus battled off a throat and ear infection... she is a trooper, thats for sure.... other than this, i miss the regina... laying on my couch and watching hdtv, and having my mom bring me down food and do my laundry..... ha.. but the way time is going ill be back in no time.... anyways, take care comb your hair everybody... mom say hi to uncle darrel and the family in calgary as well, if you are there....... and i realized i also gotta figure out how to get pics put on here, because i have to admit this page is kind of dry..... ill work on it... ok... im out

jeremy the duomo gaboury and laura i cant hear out my ear hunko

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Nice is definetly nice

sunny 35 °C

well we have made it back to my fav country France!! Nice is definetly a beautiful city.. i have like 2 minutes on teh computer so this is gonna be quick.. i have been buying alot of t-shirts my fav being a thierry henry jersey, its money.. laura bought a holland tank top, so people now think that we are from holland when we walk around... today we are heading to monaco for the day, to enjoy their very warm beaches and ultra fabulous japanese gardens.... im glad i wasnt around to see tony basking in the italian glory after their upset over les bleus (france).... things have been goin great, and we are right now possibly signing up for a 9 day greek isles tour which should be rad... anyways hope everyone is enjoying the heat in reggie... i miss golf and some of you... laura says hi... lata skatas
jerm and laura

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bronzed in barcelone

woop woop

sunny 35 °C

well barcelona has been an awesome time... we went on a bike tour it was called the fat bike tour but in all reality it was phat bike tour.. ha .. we rode bikes around the city for 4 hours and learned about certain things and saw all the big monuments in one shot.... it was really awesome, we decided to go at night because it is way too frickin hot during the day... other than that we have been enjoying our time at the beach, we can rent hammocks type chairs for 4 euros and we spend the day basking in the 40 degree heat... during these days it actually feels like a wonderous vacation.... the nights here at this hostel are pretty rough, 8 people in a room with no fans and no air conditioining, and no breeze... i am looking forward to nice where the temps are around 26 degrees .... and they still have the beaches... other than this, time has been flying by, we keep ourselves pretty busy during the day... 2 days ago we spent the day at the hospital where laura was getting treated because her throat hurt, it turned out she had a bad throat and ear infection and we had to get her some medicine... at first we were wondering if the 200 euros to see a doctor was worth it!! about 350 canadian!! but good thing we did, and her insurance covered all the expenses!! but we are off to the beach to lay by the mediterranean all day... i hope all is well in regina... lata skatas
jeremy and laura

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boombastic barcelona

sunny 29 °C

3rd day here in barcelona, we have just arrived at our second hostel here in b-town.... it is kinda crappy, we are in a eight bed room and it is frickin hot i am really curious as to how i am going to sleep in this heat.... the beach is really nice and the water is very refreshing.... we didnt burn which was our biggest scare.... i can say that i am very golden at the moment....the beaches are busy and we get interrupted every 2 minutes by people trying to sell us cervaca, fanta, agua... and every 5 minutes by little chinese ladies that want to give us massages... but otherwise we will be visiting the beach a couple more times before we leave on friday to Nice, France. tonight we are going on a bike tour of barcelone which should be sweet, and then beaching it for a couple more days... the heat is just unreal.. 35 at least everyday... whihc is nice on the beach but shitty when we are walking around outside.... but othere then that everything is still goin awesome... and im excited for france again.. so i can actually speak... i will update this blogggg soon...

take care
jeremy and laura

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off to barcelona

beach beach beach

sunny 35 °C

it is so hot here is espana..... that is really all i have to say..... plus 36 today... it was 45 in nearby toledo... hot hot hot... so madrid was a good time, the city is spectacular but which was more interesting was the awesome people we met in our hostel, we went out and partied last night, we exchanged some drinking games... i have learnt a few new games to bring back to canada too... we hung out all day today as well, we went to the el prado museum and tried to analyze some art then went and drank some cheap beer on a terrace, followed by some shopping tonight... we leave to barcelona tomorrow, and i need to sit at a beach for a while.... we have found a huge supermarket that is here in spain called el corte ingles and it is superstore x2 ... its deadly, beers for 30 cents, wine for 60 cents, tequila for 4 bucks... and they have some food as well... we have made some good meals this week at our hostel, including some seafood delights and for laura some salads ...(but they dont sell salad dressing here in spain) so she has done without.... all in all we are getting along great and having a good time.... time is already going by very quickly....... but ill be blogging sometime soon in barcelona, hopefully tanned and luckily cooled off by the sea... huge soccer game tomorrow and monday... it shall be a blast....

jeremy and laura

p.s. mom i got my peice for my music player.. it was quite the ordeal and ill tell you about it later....

stay cool regina!

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