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paris paris paris

rain 21 °C

well this will be my final installment in the oh so talked about jeremy and lauras blog.. we arrived in paris yesterday and in the end we decided to stay in paris instead of popping over to london wed rather not get bombed just to stay in london for a day.... today we hit up the local zoo; and we are going to buy a bottle of wine then go to the good ole champs elysees for a night.... it is raining here and is kind of chilly, i kind of regret throwing out my jeans for wine space in spain, oh well...i miss the sweet south of france, that was definetly the vacation inside of a vacation.... all that is left now is the cham^s elysee and we are debating going to disneyland tomorrow or hitting up the shopping area of paris... i really need some new dolce and gabana, louis vitton and christian dior stuff so we might go shopping... all in all what a wonderful trip, met so many people and had lots of laughs and good times!!! but i look forward to arriving in regina and buying an xbox 360 and playing madden until my thumbs fall off.... see you all in reggie monday at 835.... thanks anyone who took time to read about our crazy adventures and we both are looking forward to coming home!

jerm i love france gaboury and laura i love greece hunko
signing off
p.s. its cold here and it rains lots... i love it

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in the ardeche (southern france)

overcast 26 °C

ok so we have arrived in the south of france!! after the most hectic travelling day ever... oh man dont even get me started... we hopped on a wrong train in cinque terra, and ended up in savona.. trouble was we had to meet my buddy daryl at 330 in chambery france... oh man.. brutal.. we ended up phoning home and friends because there was internet around... but all in all things turned out and we are in the southern of france where the wine and bread are coming out of their ying yangs... we attended a wine festival yesterday... and tonight we hit up a small town.. such good times and beautiful pics... it was tuff leaving cinque terra easily the nicest place on earth, we made it down to death beach where we almost died getting down toi the beach then again geting hit by 6 foot waves... ha... and it was also half nudist... and some cliff jumping..... good times.. but my time is up already... brutal... home in 7 days... woop woop.. see you all soooon... lata

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cinque terra is heaven

sunny 28 °C

ok teh internet here in the unbelievably gorgeous cinque terra is through the roof pricy so lets make this quick... its amazing, definetly one of the nicest places on earth... we laid on rocks today and bronzed our skin and tomorrow we are doing the five town hike... cinqua terra is five small cities that are connected on the coast of italy... amazing!!! we are having such a fun time with andrew.. he looks like a european and everyone talks to him in italian... its awesome... and we drank a little too much wine last night and sat on the beach with an english crowd....laura drank ummm a lot of wine and got a little sick!! but tons of fun... tonight we are going to some bar that overlooks the ocean.. i know im spoiled and lucky to see this .... be home soon!!!!

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ciao ciao


overcast 30 °C

hello everyone... well we have arrived in milan and its actually a beautiful city, lots of things... and there duomo.. oh man, i thought florence had and unreal duomo but this one puts it to shame.. i dont know what it is with me and duomos but i love em... anyway we arrived from athens yesterday, the plane ride was kinda sketchy, easyjet is a first come first serve airplane which is really weird not being assigned a seat and all, but we managed good seats.. what i couldnt manage was the awful turbulence during the landing, i struggled keeping my guts in check while laura laughed at me..... but were here, on one of the trains we got talking to some american and he asked us if there were polar bears in regina!!!! haha.. the real sad thing is he is like a 40 year old lawyer who owns his own company in greece... how sad... i didnt know which answer to throw at him, either we have them as pets or they are a huge pest in our city... but we just laughed and shrugged off his nonsense... we meet up with mr. andrew salgado tommrowo in cinque terrra which supposedly is heaven on earth... i went and looked at pictures and it is beautiful.... i didnt think anything ccould be more beautiful thean santorini but this might do it.... anways you should all downlaod a song that has changed laura and my life... it is called ,stop! dementica!, by tiziano ferroa ... its so awesome!!!! anyways were out.. were both tired and looking forward to some sleep!!! i bought you some jewellry jen!!! ok .. lata skatas

jerm and laures

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santorini highs

sunny 42 °C

hello everybody! santorini is absolutely unrealzies.... ok lets start with the 15 minute windy road up to the small villages.. ya the towns are on top of huge mountains!! santorini was actually created when a volcano went off and broke up the island.. more on the volcano in a bit.... we hit up the black beaches our first day here, our hotel is located 30 metres away from the beach, the black sand is incredibly hot, they have boards for people to walk on because its soo hot, and we laid and baked all day.... teh day after we felt kind of adventurous so we went to a travel agency and booked a full day excursion around santorini which visited the volcano, the hot springs, thirissia island and lastly stopped at oia for the best sunsets in the world.. it was amazing, i stole a rock from the volcano which took us 30 minutes to climb up molten lava, the volcano is still active by the way, its hotter then hell on this thing, next we went to the hot springs (the last thing i needed after a 30 minute hike up hill|)... followed by a small place on some island where we enjoyed cold fries because apparently the power was out... next we went to this town called oia for a sunset.. teh climb up was 220 huge steps so we decided to take the donkey taxi!!!! wow what an experience... imagine a line of 5 donkeys going up these steps... and were not tied up together or anything!!! it was nuts.. the one dude who worked there would yell at them and do the motorboat with his lips to get them moving... laura laughed the whole way up.. while my donkey felt like it was gonna collapse because of my 220 pound physique.. he hated me and i hated him.. it was a long 5 minute ride! but anywya my internet time is up... its very costly on the islands...... ok ill talk to you soon...

jeremy and laura

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